All Natural Picahna (Top Sirloin Cap) Steak 10 oz.

One 10 oz. All- Natural Picahna Steak from Pineland Farms Natural Meats.  FROZEN.

What is a Picahna Steak? 

Picanha is the most prized cut of beef in Brazil.  Picanha translates to rump cap, or top sirloin cap. 

Picanha is the top layers of muscle over the rump area closest to the skin. It’s not a muscle that gets much use during the cow’s life, so it remains very tender and covered with a thick layer of fat. Picanha retains this fat layer for cooking, while American butchers often trim the fat unless a customer asks for it. 

  • No Antibiotics
  • No Added Hormones
  • Strict Vegetarian Diet
  • Not Fed Animal By-Products

$ 7.99

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