VAST Donation

Research shows that daily physical activity for people with disabilities results in reduced stress, depression and secondary medical conditions and increases self-esteem, education success, employment rates and quality of life.  The goal of our VAST program is to promote lifelong health and well-being of veterans with
disabilities through regular participation in a VAST array of physical activities and sports. Any and all veterans are encouraged to volunteer and enjoy some outdoor activities and a sense of camaraderie with fellow veterans.

We strive to offer year-round activities based on the
needs and wants of veterans. Programs are FREE
and equipment is provided. Current sports include:
• Fly fishing
• Archery
• Cycling (hand and recumbent)
• Orienteering
• Cross-country Skiing/Biathlon
• Snow Shoeing
• WC Basketball, Floor Hockey, and
• Disc Golf


Your donation will help us reach those veterans who need our programs.  Thank you for your support!

$ 10.00

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